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Jeff A.D.Martin





 Speaker | Author | Podcast Host

"Regardless of your tough beginnings or current negative circumstances,

you can always bloom EXACTLY where you were planted!" 

Motivating from the 6 is a podcast hosted by Jeff A.D.Martin, created with the intention to inspire and change lives. The journey that we walk through in life is not always easy; Sometimes its downright difficult. With self improvemnt topics, interviews and motivating tips, Jeff intends to bring the best out of people, allowing for them to find their life's purpose. Motiviating from the 6 can be heard here on this webpage and it can be downloaded on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and anywhere else where podcast  can be found. Please click on the image. 

Thank you for visiting the page. We want you to leave with something as well. Self improvement is not something that is just done every once in a while,  but it really has to become an ongoing investment into yourself. Please see some of the downlaods that you can take with you and do within your own home, classrooms or youth groups.