I speak to inspire....

To Live by Design means to make conscious and strategic decisions that are going to lead towards your fullest potential. I will no longer live by default and allow things to just happen to me. I will take control of my life and live by Design. 

It's important to speak words of LIFE into the next generation.

The Power of I AM!

Despite coming for tough circumstances, you have to know that your can bloom exactly where you were planted. Because if even one person has found their way out then you can do it to.

Go out and Find your work


Whatever you do, always make your mark in this world!


The importance of cross pollination

2018 - Annual Student Achievement Award - Keynote snippet



What are you doing with the last 31 days of December?


When it comes to dream killers, often times they are not the people who want to see you fail, they are the people who want the best for you. Your friends and loved ones obviously care for your well-being but sometimes limited thinking can get the best of them. 

Being an optimist has its benefits to handling life adversities. Learn from circumstances you go through to help in managing the obstacles to come.

Brothas from the 6 Photo shoot from May 29, 2016 - Courtesy of CBC News.

Become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Start changing your narrative by saying YES!

YES TV - Let's Talk with Host Bishop Thompson (Originally aired Dec 6, 2017).

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