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Author Jeff A.D. Martin get an opportunity to speak about his new Children's book Brothers from the 6 / Sisters from the 6: Role models in my community.

He speaks with purpose... He lives with a vision..... He inspires and motivates... The man we all know as the BROTHER FROM THE 6, will be sitting in the studio with us; the one and only Jeff Martin. He has something new for us, and is ready to share it.

Brothas from the 6 Photo shoot from May 29, 2016 - Courtesy of CBC News.

Yes TV - let's talk with host Bishop Thompson (Originally aired Dec 6, 2017)

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Don’t give your children what you didn’t have, give them what they didn’t know!

It's important to speak words of LIFE into the next generation.

2018 - Annual Student Achievement Award - Keynote snippet. 

The Power of I AM!

The importance of cross pollination

To Live by Design means to make conscious and strategic decisions that are going to lead towards your fullest potential. I will no longer live by default and allow things to just happen to me. I will take control of my life and live by Design. 

Never allow anyone to steal your colors.

Whatever you do, always make your mark in this world!

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Jeff A.D. Martin is an author, podcaster, mentor, social activist and an innovative speaker. In everything he does, Jeff's thrives on helping people to step through their fear and to find their ultimate purpose.

Children’s book - Brothers from the 6 / Sisters from the 6: Role Models in my community.


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