Brothas from the 6

Not for Profit Organization



“Brothas from the 6” Not For Profit organization is compiled of individuals who were all born and raised within the Greater Toronto Area. Each with their own individual benevolence has seen the positive impact they have had on the community and have decided to integrate to strengthen their outreach and influence on their community.

Although the majority of these men were raised in underprivileged neighborhoods and tough conditions in and around the city, each of them has pushed for their own success in every sense of the word. These gentlemen stand together as a true definition to the title, Brothas from the 6, males who are from Toronto and simply want to give back into their community.

Brothas from the 6 is focused on many aspects of helping the community.  Several of the initiatives include supporting the youth of the city and giving them tools for success. Through charitable contributions, the organization is also developing initiatives that benefit those who suffer from homelessness and others who come from disadvantaged areas in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.  


  • To stand as positive male role models and mentors for the younger generation.

  • To assist youth by giving them life skills and techniques needed to navigate their way to success.

  • To inspire, motivate and transform the thinking of young people.