"I speak to inspire, I write to transform lives, I host a podcast to motivate, I created a Non-Profit Organization to help others".

-Jeff A.D. Martin

Author and award-winning motivational speaker Jeff A.D. Martin has long had a passion for helping and serving others. Over the last number of years he has been sharing this gift with the world and inspiring through motivational speaking. Jeff has also done so through his Children’s book, “Brothers from the 6 / Sisters from the 6: Role Models in my community”.

Jeff was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and raised for most of his childhood in the tough community of Rexdale. Despite obstacles and setbacks, Jeff attributes the path that he is now on to an unknown Police Officer who pulled Jeff over one day while he was driving down the 401 highway. “The Police Officer was black, which was uncommon for me to see in my neighbourhood. He looked like me, he spoke like me, he even joked with me and that planted the seed within me”.  Because of the power of visuals, Jeff could now see himself within that role. After pursing this new awaken desire, in 2005 Jeff was hired as a Police Officer. Jeff has worked in investigations in the Criminals Investigation Bureau and the Special Victim’s Unit.

Paying it forward, Jeff uses his position as a vehicle for his bigger passion. Jeff motivates and inspires people around the world through live speaking engagements, through his podcast called "Motivating From the 6" (heard on I-Tunes, Google Play and other major Podcast locations), through his motivational videos seen on social media, his Children’s book and other literature projects that are on the verge of creation.

Drawing from his own life experiences, Jeff speaks about obstacles that he had to face, some of which include the pressures of living in a tough neighbourhood, homelessness, having one family member brutally murdered in 2005, another family member killed in 2008 and other struggles that he has been able to overcome.

Jeff has created and led community initiatives, including Brothas From The 6, a social media platform, celebrating the success for community members who continue to give back. Jeff also leads Brothas From The 6, a Non-Profit Organization that conducts projects that benefit communities within the Toronto area.

With Jeff’s career and life experiences, coupled with his benevolence and passion to inspire, he shares his gift of purpose and speaks in efforts to help others find their true potential.